Help with restoration works, consolidation and enhancement:

SIARG supports member communes who undertake work on the remains of the Gier Roman Aqueduct.

This support takes the form of grants of up to 20% of the cost of works before tax (justified by paid bills) to a limit of 6,000 Euros per operation.

Road signage

Information boards indicating the presence of the Aqueduct have been installed in all member communes.

Over a period of several years the Syndicate has put in place signposts to help visitors easily find parts of the Aqueduct as well as information boards in French and English describing the principal remains.


Signposts example

Information boards

Since 2012, SIARG has set up 12 information boards located at the most noteworthy parts of the Aqueduct.

These boards are accessible to all with French and English versions of the texts.

The images and texts help visitors better understand the monument and the methods used in its construction.

Finding the boards

Folder presenting the remains of the aqueduct:

In order to help visitors discover the Gier Roman Aqueduct SIARG has published a folder presenting the whole of the 86km of the Aqueduct. It is available in the tourist office “Monts du Lyonnais”, at the “Maison de l’Aqueduc” and in the town-hall of Lyon’s 5th district. A third edition was produced in 2017.

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